George Martinos


George Martinos is a Lebanese singer born in Beirut. Together with his twin brother Alain they formed a group «TWINS AG» in 2002. The debuit album released in 2005 Habibi Rouhi was embrased warmly by the public with a succesful promotion round encluding interviews and public apperances on TV and magazine covers. Having taken a break in 2007, TWINS AG have calaborated with J-C Richards in 2011 and are currently working on a release of several tracks that will be a part of their new and upcoming album in 2012 following a release of a special Easter single « Wa Habibi/My Beloved » on April 5th 2012. Twins are looking forward into not so distant future and are hoping that the new album will be sucsessfully and warmly embraced by appreciaition of the fans and the arab world.